Rodrigo Amarante - Cavalo

Rodrigo Amarante is from Rio de Janeiro and these days lives in Los Angeles. You may know him from a few other projects: Los Hermanos is the band from Rio but even more likely is Little Joy, the Brazilian/American band that included Binki Shapiro and Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti. What you probably don’t know is that Rodrigo Amarante has made the most tender record of 2014. Cavalo is both sonically rich and spare at the same time: Every instrument breathes, every sound blends, yet every sound is distinct. At the core are songs of the heart and Rodrigo’s voice, both sweet and smoky. Prepare to be drawn close to this intimate music. You’ll want to crawl in bed with it.
— Bob Boilen, NPR

CATALOG NUMBER: ES-005 (LP / CD) || UPC // LP: 014921500518 | CD: 014921500525