Futurebirds - Portico I

Futurebirds are one of the most fascinating bands in America, a group of psych country rockers from Athens, Georgia who have battled to maintain their sound, which isn’t really like anything else being made today.
— Nate Scott / FTW USA Today

A year after the release of their latest LP, Hotel Parties — which Relix called “an honest, mature and articulate record .. the band’s most timeless and cohesive release to date,” — Athens, GA’s prolific Futurebirds have emerged with their latest batch of recordings.

The two-part album - aptly titled Portico I & II - embodies songs on life and love. Cover songs like “From Me To You,” about sending love to a longing lover, or the original “Only Here For Your Love,” about the humble and simple nature of love in its purest forms. On the work, the band states “The songs are a reflection of our own desires and lives, the music a reflection of doing what feels right, and only what feels right, regardless of outside influence or objections. This is our way of taking our music, lives, and futures into our own hands,and what greater cause is there?”


Portico I

CATALOG NUMBER: ES027 & ES030 (DIGI)  ||  UPC // PORTICO I: 191018270049